Art Show

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Awards Reception
Art Show Open 12-6pm

The Cushing Native American Heritage Art Show abides by the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990, the Oklahoma's American Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1974 and 2016 Amendment.

Art Show Rules

To be eligible to compete in the art competition, artist must present documentation of citizenship in a federally recognized Native American tribe. Tribal documentation papers and?or CDIB cards must be submitted with registration.  

To be eligible for the Adult categories, artist must be 18 or older by the deadline date. The youth categories are for ages 17 and under. 

Entries must have been completed during the last year. Identification labels must be submitted with registration.

The Native American Heritage Festival will not accept:items that are cracked or broken. Items that are not in compliance with the American Indian Arts and Crafts Act or any endangered species regulations(regardless of permanent ownership). Items must be in compliance with federal regulations as pertains to this show. Entries that contain parts of endangered species such as feathers, claws, bones, fur, etc will automatically be disqualified. 

Entries that contain sexual nudity will be disqualified. 

Entries must be painted on a generally recognized surface, such as, canvas, paper, masonite, hardboard, or plywood. Art on leaves, feathers, or saw blades will be rejected.

All pottery must be fired to be eligible for entry and display. No unfired clay or greenware. 

Mail-in entries will only be allowed under special circumstances as approved by the Festival Committee.

Entries must be original artwork by the registered artist. No collaborative work may be entered. Items must not have been sold prior to judging, must not have been commissioned, and must be the sole property of the registered artist,. 

All artwork must be dated, either on the work itself, or on the identification label.

Submitting an item for consideration to the Art Show judges does not create rights, guarantees, or promise that the item will be selected as a winner in any category. 

Each category must have four entries or that category will be combined with another category at the discretion of the judges. Judges reserve the right to withhold prizes in any category if the entries do not meet their standards.

Each registered artist is allowed three entries with their paid fee of $10.

All decisions made by judges shall be final. 

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